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Growth Point-Kings Park Educational Stadium Tours

Growth point KINGS PARK is home to one of the most successful rugby teams in the world – The Sharks. However, many people are not familiar with the surroundings, history and the heritage of this structure. It’s been home to some of the most successful players of our time, such as Gary Teichmann, mark Andrews and john Smit to name a few.

The players spend nearly every day at the stadium and we want the tour to make the learners feel part of the team.

Our goal is to show them the dedication it takes to be a professional sportsman.

We don’t just want to show the learners the stadium we want to educate them, through the educational booklet that covers a variety of topics from maths to life skills. This booklet can be kept by the learners and educators to use at school.


  • Enjoy an insightful behind the scenes tour of the stadium.
  • Motivation to lead a healthy lifestyle.
  • Skills and knowledge in various areas through the Sharkie Educational Booklet.
  • Knowledge about teamwork, professional sportsmen and managing a stadium.


  • Tour party arrives at KPI parking area.
  • Non-contact coaching session on KPI field.
  • 45 minute lesson where learners will sit in the main grandstand and fill in a questionnaire followed by our teacher using the booklet to cover one of the many lessons in the book.
  • Snack and drink on main grandstand.
  • Tour of The Sharks changing room and watch a video.
  • Tour of stadium, including the following areas:
  • Sharks gym, visitors changing room, referee’s changing room, Basil Midway, the trophy cabinet, media centre, President’s Suite, commentator’s rooms and The Shark Cage Megastore.
  • Tour party assembles on KPI field for departure.

* Tour times to be confirmed upon booking and supplied to the children’s schools for parents.

COST: R 100-00 per person all inclusive.

GROUP SIZE: 100 learners per trip max.

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